When a voice is no longer silent…

Eight years. It occurred to my yesterday that it has been eight years this month since Mom’s ex burned the house down in 2004. A lot has happened in that time.

As many of you know, I lost the original draft of my first fantasy novel, Spellbound by Fire, along with many other pieces of writing I had done; novels, poetry and short stories. Writing has always been as vital as breathing to me and it was in that next year I discovered just how vital it really was.

I stopped writing after the house fire. After years of being told by him that writing would take me nowhere, it was worthless, and I would never get anywhere. After years of the violence, threats, abuse of all kinds, anger and pain, he ended it all with one bottle filled with gasoline, thrown through a bedroom window. That house on Main Street was in flames in no time that night. He left within a week after the house fire, having been driven out of town.

After losing all the pieces of what had been my sanity over the years, I lost all faith in writing. I stopped writing and for a dark, hazy year it was like I stopped feeling. I honestly cannot say what is worse; to feel so much pain you want to end it or feeling nothing when you know there should be something, driving you to that same cliff edge.

I became suicidal. It was a dangerous brink I was on. After seriously contemplating it, knife in hand and all, I stepped away from the brink. Something in that day shook me back to reality…if I killed myself I was letting him win.

He would get exactly what he wanted, again: pain. Suffering. I felt angry, but suddenly it was something…I wrote a few poems that same day.

My novels wouldn’t be touched until about 2008, when I joined an online writer’s group and was encouraged to continue on with Spellbound. It was released in 2010, and the new edition, Legend of Kawilara, was released this year.

That inspired me. Writing would get me somewhere. It is what I am meant to do. I am now working on a few other books which I lost in the house fire. Edge of Glory is the next one I am tackling. It is a story about a young girl who wants to be a rock star, enduring addiction and abuse along the way and searching for her biological father, who is a famous rock star and her inspiration.

I am looking back on the last eight years and comparing it with my life today. I know deep down that I will never stop writing again. I have seen the rock-bottom crevice it takes me to when I walk away from it and I never want to go there again. I have broken the abuse cycle in my own life by marrying the best man I could have ever met.

She Wasn’t Allowed to Giggle has gone from a self-publishing experiment to my pride and joy. It is ranked #19 in Amazon’s Dysfunctional Relationships category and just broke the top #25 for the Child Abuse category. It has caught the attention of organizations like GEMS, who used it for their poetry workshop last fall and the local YWCA has also shown some interest in it as well. They will be receiving donated copies of the paperback edition.

I also hear from abuse victims and survivors about She Wasn’t Allowed to Giggle. It does what it was published to do, and that is help people. Some are inspired. Some get angered. This is why writing is my true calling. I have a story and a message, and I will never stop until it gets out there. It’s a revolution and voices will not stay silent forever. I know I won’t. I was silent for far too long. There is no stopping me now.



See the  official video at: Independence Day by Martina McBride

~Release and excerpt ~ Legend of Kawilara Part 1: Fire

The Spellbound revamp is done, and from that has emerged the “Legend of Kawilara, Part 1: Fire.” It is available on Smashwords right now for 50 per cent off as part of the Smashwords Summer Winter Sale. Using the code SSW50 you can get the book at half price. It will be available on Amazon Kindle probably tomorrow, and will soon be available in paperback once I am through with formatting and re-uploading.

I am excited to see what the title change does for marketing this series. The Smashwords Summer Winter sale is only for the month of July, so get your copy here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/110429


And here is an excerpt from what I added to the book:

“We’re headed to a spot very close to the remnants of that old prison Queen Rhiannon destroyed,” Jill told her after they had gotten out of the portal. Janey nodded, finding it odd that there wasn’t any urgency, fear or paranoia.

“What does everyone mean she destroyed a prison?” Janey finally asked the question she had been pondering since she had first heard about the notorious pirate queen.

Jill grinned. “Queen Rhiannon comes from a long history of hardships, that’s really all I can say. She lived on the street for a long time after she left the royal life when she was 17 or 18, craving adventure and excitement outside the palace. She ended up in that prison and then escaped, having used her magick powers to kill the Black Guards who were torturing her. She disguised herself as a man and escaped. Now, that was highly dangerous as she could have been busted anytime and killed on the spot, as the Black Guards did to witches they found trying to escape. It’s why witches don’t use magick to escape- because of the immense chance she will be captured and killed, it really isn’t worth it. There was a better chance she would be rescued or find a chance to escape when they were taking her to her exection site. Rhiannon is the only one to have successfully escaped a witches’ prison. She stowed away on a pirates’ ship and as they sailed away, she summoned a treacherous storm that tore apart the prison. Some people say some prisoners managed to escape, but it is much more likely that everyone in there died. It was a sudden collapse of the building and a fast job of it.”

Janey was taken aback. She knew in the first few moments of meeting her that Queen Rhiannon was fierce, but she had no idea Queen Jaffee’s sister had such a history. “That’s quite something.”

“It is. Queen Rhiannon has been invaluable in fighting the Black Guards. She’s brutal. When she found any witch hunters in her country, they were immediately put to death. She didn’t tolerate them at all and rightfully so,” Jill said.

They were approaching the ocean; Janey could smell the salt water on the air. It was soothing and it never mattered where she found the ocean. Standing before it was always her favourite place. Then it was before her, the great wide waters that stretched into nothing, one long, expansive, blue-green body that became one with the sky, wherever they met up in the distant eternity. Queen Rhiannon stood there waiting for them, a long navy blue dress hugging her small body tightly and her black hair falling in ominous locks down her curved back. Her hands were covered with black lace gloves as her dress sleeves only reached her elbows and a scarf of the same fabric was around her neck, falling in long thin drapes down her chest to her waist and disappeared into the blue skirt of her dress. Her eyes stared intensely out to the ocean, glancing occasionally to the giant stone remnants that still lay in piles not too far down the shore line. Janey could almost see the memories in the eyes of the fearsome queen. The memories would always remain there for everyone.

But they were there for a different reason. Queen Rhiannon smiled when she saw Jill and Janey. “Hello ladies. Wonderful to see you again.”

“Likewise, Your Majesty,” Jill said cheerfully. Janey gave her a smile, still unsure of what to say to the pirate queen.

“Today is the day we summon the Fire Sword and reunite the four swords, then?” Rhiannon asked in satisfaction.

“It sure is,” Jill replied. “You are the only one who can summon the Sea Monster. That is why I have asked you to be here today.”

“I will gladly do so, Jill,” Rhiannon said proudly, her green eyes glimmering at the thought.

“Is this the spot?” Jill questioned curiously, glancing over the rocky edges of the cliffs. Janey followed, looking down into ocean waters that boiled and bubbled, just as the journal entry described. Rhiannon grinned. Janey had a feeling the queen was going to enjoy this.

The Queen of Weril Island stood at the edge of the cliff before she began whatever she had to do to retrieve the sword. “Dear Olivia knew exactly what she was doing. Bless her soul that she might be watching us today as we reunite the four elements in a glorious restoration of a nation robbed of its glory.”

Rhiannon closed her emerald eyes, holding her hands straight out before her and above the ocean waters crashing violently against the rocks in majestic might. She chanted meditatively:


O Sea dragon, I summon thee to search the ocean deep,

“for what we’ve gathered here to seek is quite beyond our reach,

“the Fire Sword, with hilt of gold is what we wish to reap

“beneath the bubbling waves it lies, your help I do beseech…

“alhâwilazhêkatle êhokï kadalkangkï

“alhêtle lapluflavïg tsa shê kapludatigï”


Rhiannon repeated the chant a few times, and with each repetition her voice grew louder, more commanding and assured. Across the waters, Janey saw waves forming, the ocean breaking as a giant creature of some sort swam beneath. Janey had never seen such a creature before in her whole life.

Breathtaken, she watched as a giant seahorse-like creature emerged from the waters. A sea dragon it was, with its yellow-orange scales glinting brightly in the sunlight, and fins that looked like giant blue seaweed dangled from its curved, soaked body. It clung to the edge of the cliff with sharp claws on its front two feet, leaving its hind legs treading the waters. The sea dragon had a long, thin snout protruding from its face, gazing gently at Rhiannon as she reached out a hand to softly touch the creature. It closed its big blue eyes in appreciation of the human touch.

Quietly, she spoke to the sea dragon in Kawilaran, as if to a child. “sef ivoghï êhokï ulhêtle lapluflavïg? baliharthïg ulakawijetle?”

It seemed to understand her every word, for it dove back into the waters with a flick of its giant leafy tail.

“He will return shortly,” Rhiannon stated confidently, staring down into the waves where the dragon had vanished as quickly as it had arrived. Janey was speechless.

“What was that?” she asked in fascination.

Rhiannon grinned. “That, my child, was my familiar, the sea dragon, Baliarth – in Kawilaran, his kind is called ‘kadalkang.’ I have summoned him to find the Fire Sword, as it is far too underwater for any human to find. One would drown trying to find it. Baliarth lives in these waters though. He knows where it is.”

A familiar? Janey was astounded as she remembered Jill telling her that the pirate queen was one of the high-level witches. It only made sense for high-level witches to have such powerful familiars, though she herself was quite fond of Kitna.

Rhiannon took another glance over the cliff’s edge. Beneath the jagged rocks and occasional wildflowers growing in random colourful bunches on the side of the cliffs, the ocean waters had stopped bubbling and boiling. Silently, the women awaited the dragon’s return.

With a huge splash that drenched all three of them, Baliarth emerged from the ocean, dripping wet and breathing heavily as if he had rushed to the ocean’s bottom to retrieve what his witch seeked. From his mouth he dropped a golden sword with rubies glimmering in the sunlight crested on the handle. It had to be a magickal sword of some sort; anything otherwise might not have survived being under salt water for so many years. The Fire Sword had been in the ocean for about as long as Janey had been alive.

“Baliarth, you are truly heroic,” Rhiannon remarked, stroking the sea dragon’s long snout. Baliarth happily closed his big eyes and savoured her touch.

Smiling, Jill leaned down and picked up the Fire Sword in her hands, running a long finger upon the rubies. Rhiannon glanced back at her and Janey as Baliarth turned back to the ocean and dove back into its darkened blue depths, his leafy fins creating funny shadows beneath the waves. He would look like nothing more than sea weed beneath the water to the visible eye. Only Rhiannon’s small silhouette could be seen standing before the blinding sun.

“We will get this back to Adara and alert Jaffee immediately,” Jill announced. “Then we will restore the Kawilaran temple.”

A smile came across the pirate queen’s face, her green eyes glimmering. “Finally.”

Smashwords Summer/Winter sale!

Four of five of my books are enrolled in Smashwords‘ Summer Winter promotion, which runs for the month of July. “Travis” and “Just a Canadian Girl” remain free as they always are, but “She Wasn’t Allowed to Giggle” and “Wildflowers Scattered, Estranged: Memoirs of a Small Town Girl” are 50 per cent off for the month of July!

Use the coupon codes to get your discount- for both books the coupon is SSW50. “Spellbound by Fire” will be enrolled after it is through being revamped and retitled “Legend of Kawilara: Part 1: Fire.”

So get copies of the books while they are one sale and keep an eye out for the announcement of the release of “Kawilara”. Happy summer reading! Find all my books at Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/LaviniaThompson

~ Update ~ Revamped Spellbound cover, new title

So you all know I have been revamping my dark fantasy novel, Spellbound by Fire. Part of the revamp is a title change. With over 3,000 results that come up when searching “Spellbound” on Amazon, and most of those being romance novels, I feel that a title change might help market the series. I am disappointed as I was rather fond of the title, but romance authors seem to have killed the word for fantasy writers like myself. So, I have touched up the cover as well. New title: “Legend of Kawilara Part I: Fire” What do you think?

This is going to end up being a five part series.

Part I: Fire (Janessa)
Part II: By the Sword (Billy)
Part III: Air (Jill and Olivia)
Part IV: Earth (Queen Jaffee)
Part V: Water (Queen Rhiannon)

~ Update ~ Second edition Spellbound, Facebook page closure

As some of you have seen from the excerpts that have been posted over the past few days, I am working on a second edition of Spellbound by Fire; to include more magickal elements and to touch it up a bit. I am expecting this to be done in a month by the time I have added everything to it and my editor gets through with it. I have added an excerpt page for Spellbound here on the blog: https://laviniathompsonauthor.wordpress.com/spellbound-excerpts/.

Also, I am announcing the closure of my Facebook fan page. I will no longer be sending updates via Facebook and here is why: http://alwaysupward.com/blog/fb-fans-arent-seeing-your-posts-and-how-to-fix-it/

There are rumours this is a hoax. Perhaps the page admins having to pay for posts might be, but the fact that you, my readers, have not been seeing my posts, is true. According to the little numbers underneath my posts, only about two per cent of you are seeing any of the posts I put out there. Hubby and I tested this. Under another one of his accounts, he “liked” the page and when I issued a post from my blog, he never received it. How aggravating! I have noticed in the past few weeks that while traffic to the blog stays as steady as it usually is, the interactions on my Facebook page have drastically decreased, which doesn’t add up. What is the point in having a fan page if people don’t see your posts?

I have heard similar complaints from multiple other people who run fan pages too. So, my main interactions with you, the readers, will be through Twitter (https://twitter.com/LaviniaThompson) and this blog. You can also find me on Goodreads, where I post reviews from books I’ve read and keep updates as well.

And another brief announcement: “She Wasn’t Allowed to Giggle” has caught the attention of my local YWCA for abused women. I will be donating a paperback copy of the book to them this week! I am really ecstatic about this. I also have an interview with a local arts and entertainment magazine on Thursday to talk about my books. This will be my first media interview!

Otherwise, it is back to working on Spellbound the second edition and after that, the sequel!

~ Excerpt~ From Spellbound by Fire, the second edition

A little taste of what the second edition of Spellbound by Fire will hold…

The days still came and went. Sunsets and sunrises passed in coloured streaks like nothing ever happened. With each one that passed, Janey felt emptier, her will drowned by a depression that seemed to draw her deeper into darkness. She awoke every morning never feeling alive. She survived every day to lie down every night feeling more worthless than before.

Jill was gradually teaching Janey more about the mysterious extents of her magickal powers. Together, they would wander into the dense forest through the waist-high grass, where the colourful butterflies would pop vibrantly from nowhere and flutter into the sky.

Jill explained to Janey the levels of magick; that each witch started off at the apprentice level. It was the level at which an apprentice learned the very basics of magick; its every day uses, and how to properly control it.

“There are four elements that come into account when it comes to magick,” Jill told her, opening her Book of Magick to show Janey some of the text. “Water, Earth, Air and Fire are all the basis of all life and all things in the world, and all magick. Every witch has a preference for which element she likes working with most, which corresponds to whether her magickal tools are gold or silver.”

Jill flipped to the page she wanted Janey to read and handed it to her. Janey held the Book of Magick in her hands, awe-struck at how ancient the book was, the tattered edges of the pages and the slight fading of the ink.

Jill smiled at the expression on Janey’s face. “It was my mother’s book. You are the only woman outside of my family to ever see this, besides Olivia.”

Janey let her eyes wander over the pages of the book, soaking in the sacred knowledge through the decades-old handwriting on yellowed pages.

Elements of Kawilaran Magick

Water: The liquid of life, a drink that keeps all things alive. Water is vital in brewing potions, harvests, and life in general. Water is symbolized by the west, the cup, the colour blue, the chalice and cauldron, female principle, nature’s rhythms, emotions, instability, indifference, and is associated with the metal silver.

Earth: The soil upon which living things walk and food of plants that feed living things. Earth is symbolized by the north, fertility, aquisition, darkness, practicality, boredom, patience, responsibility, the colour green and is associated with the metal gold.

Fire: A source of heat and light and the power of the sun. Fire is symbolized by the south, the sword, male principle, courage, defense against hostile forces, anger, jealousy, the colour orange and is associated with the metal gold.

Air: The very breath in all living things and a force that moves. Air is symbolized by the east, the sword, male principle, energy, intellect, endeavour and is associated with the metal silver.


Janey was somewhat familiar with the elements she was reading about; Olivia had taught her the basics of magick and not much more. Her aunt was always reluctant to teach Janey more magick because of how Tia Justace viewed witchcraft. While there was a witch population there, there were also rumours and vindictive women who looked down upon the way Janey and Olivia lived. The fact Olivia wasn’t there made it painfully obvious just how cruel even people not associated with the Black Guards could be. But suddenly, in spite of all that, Janey felt a small spark of excitement at the possibilities. She had this power, this talent not every girl had, and she had a High Sorceress’s daughter to teach her all these things.

“That’s just the basics?” she asked. Jill smiled.

“Just the very basics, my dear; there is still so, so much you can learn,” the red head stated, her eyes glimmering a little at Janey’s subtle enthusiasm.

Excerpt continued…

A continuation from the excerpt I posted earlier…

“That’s just the basics?” Janey asked. Jill smiled.
“Just the very basics, my dear; there is still so, so much you can learn,” the red head stated, her eyes glimmering a little at Janey’s subtle enthusiasm.
“The other part of that are metals. Gold and silver are the essential metals to Kawilaran magick. Each witch has her own preference,” Jill continued, drawing her glimmering sword from its sheath. “For me, it’s silver. My mother always carried this sword. She gave it to me shortly before the Black Guards attacked Kawilara and I have held it dear ever since.”
The sword shimmered gloriously in the sun, its handle a blinding glitter of silver jewels and diamonds. The blade was shining steel, and silver snaked in the middle of the blade dangerously. It was the most eloquent weapon Janey had ever seen.
“This is the centre of my personal magick powers. The silver embedded in the blade is what withholds magick and releases it when I need. With this, I can summon devastatingly destructive storms, herds of animals, wolf packs…” Jill stated, breathtaken by the sight of her own weapon, as if seeing it was something that never got old to her eyes.
“It takes that much power to summon a wolf pack?” Janey asked, still unable to comprehend the fact she had actually done such a thing.
Jill gave her a slow nod as she placed the sword back in its sheath at her small waist. “My dear, as I said, you have the potential to be a high-level witch. A mid-level witch in trouble like you were could summon perhaps one or two wolves out of desperation, but it takes a considerable amount of power to summon a pack. Given the magickal blood lines in your family, namely Olivia, I am not entirely surprised you did it.”

For more excerpts from Spellbound by Fire and the sequel, Spellbound by the Sword, visit the excerpt page: https://laviniathompsonauthor.wordpress.com/spellbound-excerpts/ 

Update ~ Productive period of transience ~

It is a period of transience right now, somewhere between an old job and an old life, and venturing off into the unknown to find new opportunities and new goals.

I am taking this time off as a chance to not only release my new poetry book, “Wildflowers Scattered, Estranged: Memoirs of a Small Town Girl” which is currently with my editor, but also to go back to Spellbound by Fire and make some improvements. One of my favourite things about self-publishing is the ability to always go back, make changes and improve my books. No book is ever perfect, but having the creative power to continually improve it makes it a lot more fun to publish and experiment with a book. Maybe making a few adjustments will increase sales. Maybe turning it in for another edit will keep readers interested.




Writers often call books their “babies.” I am no different. My books are like my children, as precious as my beloved dog. But like either dog or child, there are always areas of improvement when it comes to development over its lifetime.





After all this, I will be getting back to the Spellbound sequel with some new inspirations and new ideas stemming from improvements being made in the first book. It’s a pretty exciting time!

And keep your eyes watching for “Memoirs of a Small Town Girl”, to be released in the next week or so!










Another reminder: “She Wasn’t Allowed to Giggle” is also available in paperback now, for those of you who missed the announcement! It is $8 on Createspace (https://www.createspace.com/3700964) and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Wasnt-Allowed-Giggle-Lavinia-Thompson/dp/1466401613/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1338772484&sr=8-1)

In a few weeks, hubby and I will be off to go fruit picking for the summer. It is a new experience I am looking forward to. The Spellbound sequel will be released this fall following that!