Poetry Friday ~ Screams Silent as Ashes

Time ran out, leaving ashes on the wind.
Whispers of what was said before,
lost to lingering flames atop
the home that once stood,
anger a monster living within
by the time you were finished.

Sombrous screams
silenced by agonizing thrusts of pain.
Mystic’s smoke livid in darkened skies.
You did this once. You threw me around. 
You did that twice. You beat me to nothing. 
You did something else thrice. You held me down
as I screamed …

on the wind. 
no matter how I try, the sky is still afire,
the mirror still broken where it fell. 

I tried to pretend
it wasn’t happening, but they knew.
Slices along my wrist,
bloodstains on your hands.
They looked away.

where it hurt the most.
crimson stained on the floors.
I didn’t know what else to do.

No matter how I try, I can’t hold it back anymore.
Sometimes strength is in what you say
after so many years, and sometimes it’s
in what remains
like ashes.

This poem can be found in my poetry collection about child abuse and domestic violence, Melting Candles“. 


Musings ~ Window Shopping

Window shopping

This quote struck me today, while I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. I read it once. Tilted my head. Read it a second time and wondered it seemed to scream at me. Window shopping. Life. Aren’t we all window shopping for a different life than the one we’ve got? Don’t we all go strolling down that random avenue of shops and boutiques from time to time? One read leads you to where you are but there are always other windows to peer into as though the other side of the glass is somehow better than what you’ve already got. Sometimes it’s an illusion.

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Poetry Friday ~ Beautiful Eyes Drooping

A funny thing it is how clocks never melt.
Faces derange; there’s a droop in a pair of
beautiful eyes that once twinkled
with glee in a sun-soaked garden.
There was love on the bridge
that overlooked a glimmering river.
There was passion pulsing in your veins,
blood as scarlet as anger,
eyes sapphire as sadness
when he breaks your heart.

And like a fool those eyes
are standing in the rain,
black running down soft cheeks
smudging on the silken white dress
swirling on a body broken like glass
with every tear and like suicide
you paw across, soft as a cat
until those feet bleed, leave footprints
down stone paths, scarlet for your love
sapphire for your sadness at midnight.
Running through the dark,
your only lights are stars in their disapproval
to pain in those beautiful eyes drooping.
There was love on the bridge
that overlooked a glimmering river.
There was passion pulsing in your veins
Rushing in the blood, scarlet as anger,
eyes sapphire as sadness
when he breaks your heart.


Cop-haters are a joke to humanity

Staring down a blank page feels hefty after an already long week. When seeing news of the world roll through social media like a plague of violence, bloodshed and injustice. When so many things go unchanged and there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing we can do about it. A vacant white screen glares as angrily as I do at some of the stuff I have been reading lately.

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Poetry Friday ~ Black as Night

It has been lurking on the edge of my mind that it has been twelve years since my mother’s ex burned the house down in a drunken rage meant to kill. And it astounds me how much has changed in those years. This week’s Poetry Friday is dedicated to perseverance and courage of domestic violence survivors. 

And to the promise I made myself back in 2004: Never again. 

Black as Night

Motel nights,
curled up in a strange bed,
Mother drinking weak coffee
while standing strong
after running again.
Young and restless,
wondering why
after all the bruises and pain
I was running in place
on an endless road
and the rain fell down.

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